Cigar Hypnosmoke #2

First His Eyes……And you almost trust him……He caught folks there though and if your gaze matches his.  Somehow.  Anyhow it is unavoidable like getting struck by lightning the glow comes out of no where.

Man in Leather forces magical psychedselic powers of mind control over his minions by PPPimp

 Stuck there…..just like being electrocuted there is no way to pull away.  Every thought to pull away just seems to suck the body closer and closer. 

He is not though, it is my body betraying, because like a fish with a hook in my dick it was pulling me closer.  Those eyes did not have the gaze that lured me for now he is undressing me with his eyes.Strange man posessed with blue eyes smoking a cigar but all choppy and demonic

But my clothes are coming off and those glowing orbs are thrusting against my body.. 

There is spit in the corner of his mouth when he half grins, a quarter grunts and licks me on a spot inside my chest. 

The tongue is warm and exhaling smoke in little rings like a choo-choo train bouncing off the atria of my heart in a pitter patter sound.  Pitter patter squeaky like taking a full condom off. 

 Carefully, slowly in squeaky inevitable pitter patter of cum en route to trashcan that men do not care about if anything the pride of leaving your DNA a little bit of everywhere.  Every other living thing is grossed out and I am going to vomit…  Strange man posessed with blue eyes smoking a cigar but all choppy and demonic

One foot in front of this bastard patriarch raping the inside of my body…. under the flesh….parts of my insides that I should never know how it feels…..frozen in angst like the needles of a tattoo gun his glare has my muscles frozen in blissful pain to the point that hours had gone by in this throw of unpassionate love taking….he must have felt like Willie Nelson smoking a doobie on the White House roof…

Up and down my ribs doing the dirty to the point of ..there was no point…none, except the tip of that cock telepathically pounding my this realll reallllly Good!  Sometimes it felt so good all that could be done was begging…..and begging….for more…..that is how I spent the rest of my life.  20 minutes that equates to an eternity.  An eternity and he never even…….

Strange man posessed with blue eyes smoking a cigar but all choppy and demonic
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