OLB Erotic Hypnosis Poetry & Art: Darkest Art

Merge With The Demon, Fill Him With Semen

Brainwashed To Win & bottled With Sin

Circumference of that cock as Reaper pulls up to a dock

Spinning the knife at the end of the scythe

Hypnotized by the blade & the colors it made

Laying at Grim Reapers feet he slices through my meat Like a cherry pie for inner demons treat

As they greet and prance in a grand pit beneath the rib cage as us humans rage

Filling the hole at bottom of soul with ember of furious frenzy

Frenzy Without

Within Frenzy

Nervous are those butterflies when hypnotized by light from the pulpit of our desire Yet when on fire such happy gaze to learn the devils ways to never cry for to not shut the eye is to shut the heart which is the darkest art

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