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What is Empathy?

Empathy is simply ‘ability to understand and share the feeling of another’ as the Oxford Dictionary states.  The humans ability to read other humans is part of our survival mechanism created a long time ago in our nervous system through evolution.

Deeply wired within our neural circuitry is the strong innate motivation to survive.  This caused humans who depend on each other for survival of species.  Not to mention mental health aspects of our dependent on others like us.

A human would not mesh well with any other animal groups including other mammals.  Empathy is a genetic trait in most animals hard wired to survive.  When speaking of this trait of being emotional to the point of giving to another at the detriment of our self is known as altruism.  Empathy is a source for altruism.

Multi-Level Evaluation Of Personal Gain Inevitable In Every Interaction

To take this concept a little deeper there is some information obtained from the U.S. National Library Of Medicine that empathy is a multi-dimensional construct:


Self Awareness

Theory Of Mind

Summarizing these concepts I am going to explain how empathy can be used for good or bad purpose.  First in distinguishing ourselves from the world around us in self awareness we also assume other folks have their own mental states. 

Theory of Mind is exactly that ability to compare our emotional and mental status with other folks of different cultures, beliefs, lifestyle, social status or of similar. In reciprocation of facts with a sender and a receiver messages are sent back and forth with a whole package of background info. 

Things like facial expression, deflection of tone, proximity, setting, etc help to convey or understand those thoughts.  These skills not necessary to complete passing of message. Makes it easier for receiver to empathize with therefore relate better from our own point of view

Reciprocity Through Empathy Moral Or Immoral

This is how empathy can be used for good moral purposes or selfish thinking of the reciprocity gained by helping.  The idea of scratching ones back in order to call upon that favor later in time is nothing new.  Not everyone thinks like that and on the surface it is not so visible.

With Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI in recent years it has been found that although the same part of brain creates action it does it in different ways for differing motives. Both the anterior insula (subjective feelings)and anterior cingulate (volitional agent) have large bundles of spindle fibers connecting which activate together in emotion. 


Actions Based On Empathy; Deficits Hurt Social & Economic Status


With emotions being woven throughout or logical reasoning there is instant action based on our empathy or lack of.  This action is a tool given to humans by evolution initially to gain the best match genetically to survive. The lack of emotion neuropathy is most commonly heard of in schizophrenia, alcohol toxicity, autism, personality disorders, sleep impairment and major depression.  Folks with these deficits in emotion tend to fair less in social and economic status.

Either way the motive gained is some form of reciprocity whether it be an honest straightforward immoral physical thing like gaining money or social status.  Or the less to the point, yet more moral empathy of young single women manipulating the protection and love of partner.

Some professionals believe this bundle of spindle fibers can be manipulated to control behaviors.  An overly empathetic person is known to be more submissive and willing to please.  When it all comes down to it though a selfish person is more likely to be altruistic for someone whom they know or is empathetic in nature. 

Is Motive For Gain Moral Or Immoral?  Depending on who?

So in reality it would seem that everyone is using everyone for different hidden purposes with all this immorality being driven by nature and evolution itself.  Go figure?







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