Waking Up In Pitch By OLB PPPimp

Waking up in Pitch.  Easy when the space is known. Even so familiarity can only cover so many bases of safety and comfort. Thus unconsciousness may all we ever be again.

The squirrelly instinct of nature with its homegrown disasters chasing us nuts like a fault in the Earth’s crust.  Ashes to ashes and now as we lay to sleep the sky could fall and suck up us akall.  such events would be dull compared with that strange shadow on the wall leaving me to think it must be tall to block moon fall only two feet away very still I stay.  And Pray

Laying there skimming the darkness with squinted eyes and clenched bladder for the piss like a warning of impending….

Drop of urine simultaneously rolling up my thigh as the salacious down my check as if they were to meet in the middle at my groin for a body fluid party me so terrified to not even question pee rolling upward.  In free fall there is no direction.

In heaven there are no devils so I am still alive for no doubt Satan watches my slumber tonight 

If not this white glowing orbs staring down at me wanted to show me hell nonetheless.

In the dark, eyes adjusted will focus in white lights first 

Forever will I see those eyes forever glow like silken orgies in the shadows at the bottom of my bed.

Clutching at my comforter these nights permit no sleep kidnapped in cage to keep

An animal your life is just meat on the bone turn another stone with sticks, stones and chloroform moans.

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