It was not as if anyone had a choice.  Choice is not the right word because the option was always there to walk away.  Unless somehow waking in a cage or bound in darkness the new day rustles the toes on feet of a person not given such freedom. Soon enough those toes alone with mind sit peacefully subdued with a blank calm filling and surrounding ‘you’.


Sparks Of Electrons Dripping With Hormones Fireflies Riding Up & Down  The Veins

Do not worry or fight that feeling is what he told them repeatedly for those first few days.   The ‘liberty’ of audacious dreams we all have tucked inside woven with our soul.  Spark of electrons dripping with hormones like fireflies riding up and down the veins.  The circuit of emotion, imagination and survival running mesh with our flesh.

All The Universe That Went On For Light years Melted Thick Like Marshmallows Around Entire Body

That Deeply ingrained ‘you’ is still in the room nestled tightly within leather restraints of lust so thick.  All the world and space that went on for indefinite light years has melted like a marshmallow closing in on and out of.  Over and over again.  Suctioning the genitals repeatedly as hormones are spread throughout every pour of the body starting at head of penis. 


Entire Body Being Suffocated & Massaged By Body Sized Fleshlight

It felt like days in this predicament because it was several of them.  Usually 3 1/2  to average it out although one kid took a week.  Like a dream starting in horror suffocating into a jelly with the victims entire being from head to toe massaged with a body sized fleshlight cocoon.

At least that is how it felt because once swallowed into this human mold it does not take long for body to turn to jello.  As the machine wraps around body at a fairly quick rate all of the clothes are absorbed with a chemical solution in seconds.  This part gets pretty hot so as the clear leather substance that remains after clothes disintegrate wraps a seal overhead both nose and mouth are plugged.

This chemical neurotoxin is sealed in with several other drugs as the clear airtight cocoon turns lycra making person inside completely helpless.

That is when the Doctor starts in with those brilliant mind games.  Starting with different techniques each time until perfecting or destroying a life trying.  After 20 years working for government secret service, 18 of tbem with a masters in psychiatry his mesmerism skills always on point.  

When the Doctor thinks about it he laughs a little with a hard dick starting to locomotive through his finely tailored chinos

‘That doesn’t even account for the real deal experience of full on research of over a dozen young men and experimentation of you name it.

Mind Control Drugs, Methods, Coercion Techniques For Brainwashing, Surgeries, Repetition, Wavelength Moderation, Hypnotic Techniques…..

Mind control drugs, coercion tactics for brainwashing, several surgeries, isolation, repetition, wavelength moderation, hypnotic techniques illegal in places that do not even have human rights laws. 

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