Hypno Hippie Mellow Fellow By OLB PPPimp

An old hippie man who lived along highway 101

Never came out or was seen about in the sun

Hidden far back in a redwood shack

Down a path well worn 

Protected by many thorn

Lived a life of reality porn

With hitchhikers strategically placed on ‘hypno’ hippies route

To be hypnotized by a fiddling flute

With a song that lulls stick out your tongue

As hippie dances along

Collecting our wet thongs

Placing LSD on the warm, wet palette of labia lips

Before licking inside of hips

Still blowing a melody this fellow made it mellow

While pushing the trip with the end of a lute, not a flute

It was a bone that made a tone

which all alone would freeze time

After stopping the motion

Slipping his liquid potion

Within minutes the innocent serve this dirty old perve

To his dicks desire he lights that pussy on fire

Although this liberal is anti-gay voting conservative this day

He swears by his doses which make him as important as Moses

To the warped blond heads with big titties

Mostly from the cities


NEED Somebody TO FUCK 

Into the rabbit hole with that slutty soul and embrace the face that puts you in your place


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OLB PPPimp T-shirt & Sticker Designs

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