Hypnosmoke: Dr God #244Dr God in leather blazer blowing smokeDr God smoke cigar in leather blazer with hypnosis eyes

When Dr God first called Mr Datrane back into the office it made hair stand up all over his body.  Never having been to a psychiatrist before was only part of his trepidation.  Reason for the appointment was a shy subject for anyone. When the young stocky newlywed asked if a woman or man was preference the latter option made sense. What man in his right mind would ever want to talk to a woman about not being able to get it up.

At any age it is embaressing but to barely be out of those golden 20’s was the biggest, cruelest joke life could play on a good looking man.  Especially when every man who saw his gorgeous big breasted aerobics instructor for a wife there dicks shot to the roof so hard a ten foot hole could be drilled into the Earth.  Men slobber on themselves and then blindly trips their own wives instead of apologizing, helping the lady up the stupid fuck is trying to get Lou’s numberOLB kink artist PPPimp

Full name Louise, but she hates that name going by Lou since before Louchino met her.  In fact he was Lou until things got serious enough into dating that after too many blunders on the “Lou” “Lou” he went back to full name.  In no manner or way would such a conservative man’s man go by Lou #2 or watch such a beautiful lady be called anything she hated.  Well except when Louchino would tell the “Bitch, shut the fuck up before I…..”

Believe it, that couple fought hard when they did.  Lady Detrane did not deal with her husbands jealousy over panting dogs waiting like she was in heat on a daily basis.  Yet the minute a lady steps up to his plate even if it is to lay down the lunch bill, smile and move to the next table Louchino took hell.  Often in the form of a butcher knife.  Nothing as cruel as the cock lock she forced on after a nice  dinner glass of wine with 40 mg of xanax crushed into the steak gravy.  

Ever since is when the whole limp dick started.  Something inside made this man whom loved sex with a crazy high libido (like most young fellas) feel inadequate.  It was not that he was a pushover toward these hounds for the ground was stood and bad looks glared until these suitors stepped off his property.  Because they always did it was that his wifie didn’t want to be his property as a modern day women.  Louchino had a dick that got hard to protect his muffin.  Building up anger and resentment toward that sweetheart for playing double standard with her equality. OLB kink artist PPPimp

Dr God called out “Datrane, Louchino Datrane”

Immediately snapping out of his daydreaming head and to his feet he followed the man down a hallway.  There was one bathroom on the way in  rest of space was clear windows on either side from floor to ceiling.  One side faced the highway while the one his office faced a field of sunflowers. His office was large with the same carpet to skylight roof.

The doctors desk faced away from the field toward the door with a large leather couch, matching reclining chair on left, a closet and two foldable oriental fabric walls separating a portion of the room beside closet on right.  The room smelled strongly of leather and spice like apples, ginger boiling with venison.  It made sense for the leather smell wafted his way a few times walking behind the doctor from leather blazer he wore.

Louchino never saw a doctor dress like this, but assumed it was the way of shrinks.  The whole occupation did feel a bit ostentatious to the new patient as a simple country guy who stuck with a flannel and sneakers.   Every time the doctor would turn around to look him in the eye Mr Datrane would look away for some reason.  This was odd because in no way was Louchino afraid or intimidated by anyone as a big dude his fear level was null and with a wife like Lou he felt like the world’s alpha king.

If only she made him feel that way.  Maybe that is why he felt the instant pull away whenever the gaze would almost match his new doctor.  When they finally sat down in the high ceilinged room the doctor had him cornered in dead on glare.  In this frozen minute which seemed like an hour, but was seconds long.  Within those seconds Lou suddenly didn’t understand anymore.OLB kink artist PPPimp

Feeling like an hour in a small period of time was not always bad.  In fact Mr Detrane wanted to feel that amazing connection the rest of the day.  Week for that matter.  Dr God flicked a remote control button so the glass windows coated over with electronic LED block shades.  Louchino did not flinch or move at all with arms hanging over side of leather recliner like dead weights.  All 200 pounds of his body slouched low every once and awhile making the leather creak pleasantly.

Like little squeaky sex toys that sirens use when they get nasty in the bedroom.  Squishy sounding in a way like the quick suction of lips around the cock or dick in and out of a twat.  It was a mesmerizing sound that made banter easy answering every question with complete honesty that a few minutes ago seemed impossible.  But he had no idea for the minute his butt planted in the recliner Dr God’s trance set in with special blend of incense sealing the coffin of Louchino’s mind. 

As easy as stage hypnotists make it look one-two-three, snap fingers before his face and the new patients head was hanging so low it rested on his hard boner.  Small smile pursed lips which after a few minutes hung wide open drooling so bad the doctor placed a bib around his neck that was more like a smock reaching his knees.  It was made of soft black leather with stitched red letters “Obedient Pig

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