Keep Calm And Turn Into A Statue

Sexy yet dangerous jock in leather blazer turns to men who disagreed with mind master to stone by OLB PPPimp

The harder they act, more tough and in my face, after the fear sets in.  So macho when there body is turned to stone with just the eyes left.  Nothing else human but those eyes that just seconds ago raged are shedding a tear. 

Master in leather blazer glowing eyes with statues of children all around him by OLB PPPimp

My kindness wraps my soft leather gloved hand around his cock he no longer feels.  The other hand rubs so soft, so smooth over his eyelid. 


It flinches and opens, wide, WIDER, as a snap is felt so I hold his frozen cement cock two inches before an agonized half scream gurgling gravel. 


Throwing the prick, not at the macho mans face as I considered.  Instead…….

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