Leather Gloved Grunt Part 1


Correlating Artwork Is In New PPPimp Gallery #14

Resistance is Futile over and over with a man who has feet resting on hypnotized guys back whom is kneeling OLB POPPimpTuck

Tuck was a surprise to everyone.  “Master” included.  There were no plans on adopting more ranch hands anytime soon.  It was on the horizon in the long term section listed on the whiteboard in mind for later date.  Yes the plans are much larger than just one strong man to serve.

Ol Boy needs an army of brainwashed meatheads and not some government controlled herd.  For his agenda swelled up in a big bulge in those well fit Levi’s.  When it could not bust through that tough denim like a clogged pipe there was a loud grunt.

Jim had been held captive now for almost 8 years.  8 years that were much worse than he will ever remember.  The first year spent in a pitch black 

basement in which that sound coming from the dark after days of nothing.  No light to warn nor see just that grunt like bull used to make circling like

jolted with some serious force. The “Master” and him both at the peak of their true animal nature with hormones pummeling into their brain.

Different reasons, different seasons


Leather Gloved Grunt Part 2


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