Dr God smoking cigar Resistance is Futile  hypnotized OLB PPPimp

Jim just started coming out on rides in the truck.  Up until 6 months ago the ranch was all he saw.  Locked away with hard drugs as the babysitter.  That bull grunt. Every male animal makes it.  

Testosterone fueling one thing which is a place to bury our hidden treasure.  This common burst of frustrated desire is screaming, pulling on a mans pecker from within.  Scream making it clear that lil master is in charge.  Signal to a mans head



Leather Gloved Hand over mouth as kindnapper

When the car stopped it was facing a path.  Lined with apple blossom trees that had lost white flower petals which covered the ground like snow.  Jim looked down the path with tears coming to his eyes for it was clear what was next. 

If there are angels he thought this is where they would live.  Lost in trance surrounded by a beauty that isolation amplified loudly.  “Angels must…..”


Leather Gloved Hand over mouth as kindnapper

Interrupted by a fowl loud deep voice that made the bull sound like a pussycat.  As if reading the passengers mind “Angels live in one place slim Jim” still looking forward unbuttoning his fly.  With dick in hand and chortling half gruntish almost sweet.  

“Master” grabbed Jim’s trembling hand.  This had happened so many times before why was he feeling this way.  Questions racing up there with no dots connecting they just sat there holding hands.

Leather Gloved Hand over mouth as kindnapper

Feeling the warmth brought the mood down.  There was a calm breathing sound in vehicle.  Seconds later a second zipper was being unzipped.  This time Jim was hard himself with no notion to stop the inevitable.

Soft as butter the big leather covered hand engulfed Jim’s well endowed member. 


 The hand stroking his cock was gloved the feeling so good it sent a chill from penis to head.  Closing my eyes putting my head back “Master” spit into his glove continuing to stroke.

Red eyed

 Squishing sound.

 Squish.  Squish to a beat. 

Faster.  Steady


Even faster when just as the hard cock spit a little Jim opened his eyes.  It occurred to him that he was making the same grunting noise.  The same damn sound like they were father and son.

Leather Master sit s with two boys behind him he is in leather suit they are hypnotized

Before that thought could even complete itself “Master” peaked head like a rottweiler.  15 feet away 2 young men were walking toward us down the path.  Lightheaded and stumbling they shared a cigar stolen from Tuck’s dad.

Just as one of the boys let out a huge cloud of smoke that sound.

The horny animal grunt. That perverse…….


Without a thought an immediate impulse his hand yanked the handle.  Jim’s feet hit the ground never looking back…….waking naked in pitch black bull pen


Part two of the story of Tuck being abducted hypnotized hypnosis and controlled back at the ranch.  This is right before he arrives when

Leather Gloved Grunt  Part #1


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