Lil Master

Master’s Weapon

The Master’s greatest weapon was his dirtiest secret. It would always be kept that way because those who got close enough to find out are left in the wake of his power. Loving every minute of his life with a sense of satisfaction every male desires. Or prefers like the bitches to be put in place.

Men&  Control

Some men do prefer that, you know? More guys than one would think like to be controlled. Whether it be a wife, boss, priest or 6 foot cowboy who raped the seed of loyalty & desire for perversion deep in him.

Every Man’s Penis Wants Him To Be King

Whether a man has the balls to desire owning anything he can put his dick in is all in the head. For there is no cock anywhere that doesn’t get hard at the notion of becoming Master of the universe. Those pussies aren’t thinking with the right head so they end up face down on Master’s bed

Humanities Sexualities Freyed

There is no Mother Nature she took over the burden of Father Time in 69’ and then overdosed dead next to her bed. It was deal made under slippery terms and nonetheless not part of this particular story. Relating though in that when Father Time locked down the Earth’s motherly notion of order humanities sexuality freyed. Most men aren’t men at all therefore a lot of chicks put on dicks.

At this period of strong imbalance was when this man they would call ‘master’ accidentally came across this fluke of nature. Working for the government in the aftermath of MK Ultra had left clues. Giving this tall bearded man a way to harness all this misplaced male energy.

Following concepts that seemed unworldly like a witchcraft of the subconscious this scientist followed his narcissistic tendencies to places decent people would ever even think of.

Being a narcissist gave him and ending amount of empty black energy that while on forever into the deepest pits in his soul. Like Alice in Wonderland those around him would fall into that hole but unlike the fairytale they would never find footing again.

Spearing them with his big weapon ‘Lil Master and then swallowing whole often while the spear was still inside. Never feels guilt more like Master is doing them a favor.

Young, Muscular & Cocky

Sometimes at the gym after a workout he would sneak into the shower. Always having his eye on several prey usually young, muscular and preferably cocky.

Cockier Boys Meant Cock Goes Deeper

Often DG aka Master plan was befriending after month of stalking without them knowing so when the time comes these young immature jocks never see it coming. Charming is his way with flattery and a fatherly notion of being taken care of.

With no exception, every guy out of 47 heterosexual across 12 states. All of the young men past puberty yet still under legal drinking age. 40 virgins, 2 sets of triplets, 3 sets of twins, 8 football players (4 college, 4 high school), none were ever seen again. Yet the virgins are all still alive.

Polishing Master’s Big Weapon

Over half these young men had girlfriends. All but 6 of these young ladies committed suicide or drug overdose by the time they could legally drink. Other six rotated between jails, institutions or polishing the Master’s big weapon for him.

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