In The Shadows

In the shadows was where the sounds always came from when first opening his eyes.  Usually around the same time each day, but the young man would not know this.  With a mind swimming in a soup that was the remains of his yet fully matured brain.


Coming  from in the shadows the sound like a gavel tapping mahogany with power.  These echoes come closer in rhythmic hollow heartbeats and tight leather squeaks when all else is silent.  Different cowboy boots everyday make the same sound to deaf ears. 

Solitude deafens all noise even the voice inside our head eventually.  Even more so if that head is filled with a brain not fully matured.


4 Maturation Process’s  Of Brain Occurring  Into Late 20’s

Scientists now say a persons brain is forming into late 20’s.  Maybe even the 30’s with the outer axons on nerve fibers still getting covered in myelin for the most effective transfer of information.  This is the final step to allowing for complex thinking and the doctor knew this very well

The process of myelination does not even start until the late teens.  One important step in mature brain functioning with three more following.
  1. Pruning of the synapses proves to be dire to optimal functioning of decision making skills.
  2.  the skills of planning, controlling emotions and finding solutions to problems all are implemented as regions of brain learn to communicate better by connecting where the immature tissue could not.
  3. The start of the maturation of prefrontal cortex starts in teens.  This slow seeding process which starts in brain stem moving forward does major growing in the early to mid twenties.  Prefrontal cortex allows for assessing risk, decision making with the majority of other executive functions.


One Bullet Between The Eyes

The doctor figured 16 was optimal age to go through the new process of mind control.  With his dislike of children there was great caution in kidnapping a subject younger.  Already had to bury one lad who just would not stop freaking out.

“Mommy this…..I want my….”  

Bullet straight between the eyes.  “Big Daddy wasn’t good enough well how you want your mommy now faggot??”



When On His Turf Better Follow In Shadow Meekly

  Doc must have repeated that ten times as he walked that wheelbarrow full of smartass (dead)brat down to pig pen.  One kid something like 14 years old got fried by the doctor.  Tried to hard to get away over and over.  

When that man gets angry anything in the devils path better get ready to burn.  No matter what you think when on his turf best follow in his big shadow meekly.  To know this fact would mean that ensnared these actions are familiar as taking a breath.

As Familiar As The Hard On That Rises Every Time He Speaks


As familiar as the hard on that rises every time his deep voice speaks.  Angry words spitting cigar juice, smoke and a fist upside the head for nothing but humiliation.  Extreme pain and humiliation were like kisses if coming from this brute.  That is after he gets those hooks under the skin because no one ever gets them out.


Told Him” Those Feelings Inside Are The Devil”

Turning that 14 year old football player into a zombie by pushing his mental capacity to far it felt good.  Sense of power that his father told him about.  Senior Gawd said “those intense feelings inside were the devil and the only way that sinful beast could use his dark magic was through mankind.

Man was the final doorway through the spirit realm which borders the jail ‘hell’ all bad spirits are locked in.  The doctor’s dad was the top agent on MK Ultra and swore he met the devil on several occasions.  Like any young boy DG looked up to his dad respecting and believing every word. 

Feed The Fag To The Pigs

Yet as he grew older those memories became less believable.  Thinking maybe his dad meant something else or that it was heard wrong.  Like what a crazy fucking thing to say of making acquaintances with big red himself.   I mean it is all good in church, but does anyone believe that hogwash exists.

The day DG saw red with anger at that 14 year old boy.  Second kidnapping planned out perfectly just like the first except there was a big difference.  That first smartmouth wouldn’t shut up crying, sobbing, hyperventilating until a surge of screaming and wiggling like a bitch.  With a squeal to prove it which is ironic considering where that little squealer would end up.  Pigs eat anything

The Second Kid Confidently Fights Back Overpowering

The second kid was not so whiny though acting way more collected and confident.  Instead of a constant stream of bullshit it was obvious his head was working on a plan.  When he acted it was fast with strength that near matched his kidnapper. 

After the first attempt at overpowering DG he was drugged heavily so this time really was a surprise.  The drugs only seemed to make him stronger and acting on instinct this witty kid attacked. 10 minutes later this kid foaming at the mouth had hit DG over the head having the upper hand.

Rarely overpowered (actually never before) DG woke up startled looking around everywhere, but no sight of the kid.  Not sure how long he blacked out for he grabbed a rag dabbing at blood on head using his first aid skills.

It is rare that a trained medical professional uses that skill on themselves.  It is also rare to smell that sweet cigar smell in the air.  A habit DG had not picked up from his father, but always enjoyed the smell which came about so rarely.  Turning around toward the sound of a gavel tapping the floor repeatedly moving in his direction. 

The doomsday gavel rumbling floorboards was a pair of cowboy boots worn by a very handsome man.  Even though it was the middle of the day with front window wide open all was dark.  In the shadows this good looking man who could not be seen yet reached out a leather gloved hand.  Without thought the doctor grabbed the gloved hand standing there frozen about to do something strange.

“Go ahead it is alright” the shadow spoke deeply

The doctor kissed the hand and looking up

“Your the devil”

Shaking profusely with sweat pouring from between his legs and armpits he allowed the leather hand to guide him.  They walked though the house which was now torn to pieces after his long losing battle.  Up the stairs in which every single stair creaked lose boards for the doctor.  No noises for the other man who still stood cloaked in shadow as if it were his sunday best floating along in front.

  Pushing the door open his heartbeat skipped for sitting up in his bed staring forward as if in a trance was that little fucker who he thought got away.  The devil laughed offering the boy who had been stripped of his soul to experiment his mind control techniques.  As if in a dream never really believing what happened the doctor turned around inside getting that feeling his father warned him about. 

By the time his dick got hard he was already naked, but not to have sex with the kid.  DG jerked off while watching his little zombie bang his head against the headboard of bed knocking himself out over and over again.  Waking up only to do it again and again.  DG smiled and spent the day cumming playing with his new toy

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