Mass Confusion With Desire BY OLB PPPimp


Grappling A Hard Cock

A spot to keep secret from everyone. On 97% of men at the base of testes. Both testicles have the button just not if pressed at the same time. One sensory to close seminal vesicles of choice.

My choice is left. If timing is right which is a masters key instinct. Timing. Which is whatever time dominance is yielded in outstanding force albeit charisma. Master knows to grapple the hard cock.

Erotic Or Cruel?

Grappled cock was far from the gentle woo it took to get here. Spot on and tease to the point of cuuuuu-

Cut off stimulation. Cock grappled like climbing the rope in gym, Tight grip that only gets tighter, pulling harder and faster with tension of crowd below. Erotic or cruel?

Both. It is the only way it works so stealth. For manipulation takes time unless in mass confusion with desire. Slight gentle erotic touch to block cum from leaving testicle each time. Work it again and again.

And Again…

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OLB PPPimp T-shirt & Sticker Designs

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