Mindless Drone On The Bathroom Floor By OLB


Escape At Hand Of Stranger

They never come willingly. Ever. Not just human instinct for all animals gut screams flee, escape at the hand of strangers. Often having the same reaction if somebody close to them injects them with thick dreamy medicine. If not at that point perhaps when dizzy sight sets in with a leather hood being forced over entire head. Wouldn’t you?



Same Brainwashing Method

Same brainwashing method that he was taught two decades ago.  Of course perfected more with every kidnapping and mind control experiment. 


First Mind Control Drone

The first drone that was put under was so sloppy  It is a wonder and only due to good luck.  Not really his strength was a huge factor because even without the drugs, weapons or secret planning  Dr God could easily overpower 95% of adult men.  A big bear of a cowboy that nobody messed with and the attitude to back it up.


Big Bear Of A Cowboy With Attitude To Back It Up

The strength made the physical part of overhauling another human easy. It was the take over of the mind that has taken decades to master. And he has not mastered anything yet. If asked though he would reply “Dr God is Master of all” laughing out loud while petting the long snake growing in his leather pants.


Any Imperfection Of Self Image, Esteem Or Character Amplified By Narcissistic Lens

Any imperfection of self image, esteem or character within Dr God was amplified by a narcissistic lens within his brain to fulfil his own disillusioned self prophecy. A God complex so severe there was no disorder at all for in his head he was God. Nobody can tell the almighty chosen alpha that it is wrong for him to be so glorious.


Virgin Drone Sets Precedent For The Rest

As it would be expected (at least for those with a average IQ) the first victim set many of the precedents DG uses today.  Most important concept for mind control is finding ways to hijack the action potential in the unsuspecting victims synaptic path.  If this is too heavy of a subject, no worries this information can be caught up later.  First the fun physical part of capture and subdue.


Capture And Subdue

Or subdue and capture whichever comes first although it happens all at once.  So many ways to knock a person out.  Comforting thought, huh? If it makes anyone sleep easier the number of ways to oblivion is much lower with kicking and screaming.  Fight like hell.  Fucking animal, fight hard!! That trunk door slams the ticket is bought with no refunds because once the funny gas sets in whatever human thrown in comes out a dick puppet.  Or pretty close….


Less Scientific Than Action Potential Disruption; Sleeping In Piss-nosis

No matter how the prey goes down in less scientific jargon.  That FUCKING action potential is only part of the magic.  My pissing on them for the next few days leaves my scent soaked into the every pore covering that tan ass infiltrating the hair and nails beyond soaps repair. 

Chained under the toilet in a haze of DG’s secret recipe of ecstasy, speed, xanax and a little heroin for complete compliance.  This is how it begins before a complete breakdown of the psyche while building up the body to meet an impossible standard.  To use the shells for many different purposes.



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