War With The Mindless Mattress

Was not that or was it? Every sound seemed to echo in twice, maybe three times the reverb of a normal ping. You know, like a ding, except ping! It was a rock stuck under this old Ford truck and no small pebble either. FUCKING mountains rolling under these tires.

It seems the acid is kicking in. Heh-eee heh-eee.

As it turned out my laughter, heh-eee, that laughter was no funny matter. It wasn’t a boulder yet the sound that echoed like nasty bunny claws in the blender was a flat tire. Inside of me was still tons of laughter and giggles. I knew we were in trouble when Turk pulled open the tarp covering the truck bed which hid me with that big boner in his hand.

Sun was starting to go down and these woods were spooky at night. Trying to look away there was no time for playing with his pecker. Plus Turk knew the charm his …. Those big muscular quarterback arms cupped both sides of my face. The kiss was deep. As they always are like suction cups to strange places in my soul.

Connecting eyes the whole time it never ceases to paralyze everything but my sex drive. Yes, that goes into overdrive especially because his hands know the places reading my inner thighs and earlobe like the comics it tickles little fits of laughter from my bag. That Is what Turk wants with all those women hating men on the ranch he wants my sexy lady body.

It is awesome he confides in me especially after being told….. oh, ohhhh, forget another time. Men have this strength about them which is so rough until there mouth is hidden from view where the lips can turn to silk. Creamy smooth silk pouring down my legs in foggy nectar like orgasmic bliss. No though he has begun in fact barely nibble the tip of my tit.

When a really cute guy is in my vision it is a desire so bad sometimes I could just eat him. Or him me, just to be at the table next in the vicinity is earthquakes of crawling orgasms about to rupture. When really lost in feeling him slide slowly in and out we never look at each other like when we kiss. It is different. Gives me goosebumps.

Do not realize how intense, but sometimes would come out of that bliss. Staring behind Turk as he viciously punched at every inch of whatever was behind me. Screaming the most vile violent spew inducing words of protection of me.

Physically it was a mattress, back seat of car, anywhere he could put his dick in me it was the best. The rare times slipping out of this trance right as cum rushed like a victory into me there are knives just barely reaching for my backside. My life was always on the line and that was a promise of the ranch owner.

Thinking of all this as Turk’s Cock sent my eyes rolling back into my head. When the flames of hate where warding off demons behind my back it was all of the goodness and warmth from him crawling inside of me, protecting me and he said “Don’t turn around and it will be ok” Looking in Turk`s eyes it felt like the place to be safe so I just didn’t turn around.

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