OLB Kink Art #665

Fierce Eyed Masochist

Always loved those eyes, especially when turning fierce on me.  Sometimes it was playing so I would get the masochist angry.  The fierceness in the staring orange flames so cliche that his penetrating gaze would burn a hole in my head.

Napoleon The Masochist Burn A Hole In My Ass

It never did because he would just burn a hole in my ass instead.  The counteracting smile of sly eyed grin cause for nothing more.  Nothing less.  Yes something much more.  So much more in the seamless gown of a sultry summers night in mid February.  Spring sprung off after watching Summer happily raped by cold Winter, cold frosty Winter bitten by the frost of Fall who would take the fall for us all when unlike the others before whose bones lay in gopher hole scapegoat, sly fox, eagle eyed, dirty pig who always screamed “Napoleon”  when busting his nut in my dead ass.  Or so he thought and really liked it that way.  Killing me with his love a very loving cock it was

Sometimes It Didn’t Hurt Enough

These were not trying times so why is there so much stress.  Every night into the next day of sleepless strung out worried ulcer filled, booze schwilled agony.  Sometimes it didn’t hurt enough which was a corruption inside of me.  Cancerous like addiction, plastic like vanity surgery and just when it felt like his big hands broke my jaw in little snapping sounds on back of neck.  It just broke and that is fucking all.  My neck just broke…..

OLB PPPimp Kink Art 663

Deeper Into Masochists Side Thorn To Knife To Strife

So walking around with a brace feeling like a dog so lame to not even have an itch to scratch.  So digging deeper into his side the masochists side my thorn turned knife  from strife thinking what will the police tell my wife.


This affair had gone on far beyond the few times.  No matter how hard the pull was to let go his grip on me was talon heavy ripping into the core of who I had become.  The bearer of pain for what little time remained.

OLB PPPIMP Kink Art 663

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