Pendulum PPPimp art man smoking cigar and swinging pendulum erotic hypnosis


1. pendulum (n.)

an apparatus consisting of an object mounted so that it swings freely under the influence of gravity

Obey Me Slave

No matter how fast I run

My feet are in quicksand

Feels like a dream…….it is…I think

It is a nightmare and this is silly

Time to wake up….

(He stops, pinches himself) 

Ouch, What the fuuuuuucccccc!!

OLB PPPimp man stunned after running away from hypnotist and being brainwashed

It was not his pinch that hurt.  Spot was red with a small drop of blood running down hand he pinched so hard.

Not dreaming, terror so strong it kicked heartbeat up so that within seconds the dripping blood squirted 2 feet.  Landing in a trail on glass window of exit door within arms reach.

Reaching out his arm toward handle without missing a beat.  Hand wrapped around the metal u-shaped handle to what seemed like a hospital door.  Maybe the lavatory in a high school.  Rectangle, two screws, and u-shaped…..

That is when I fell on my knees and looked up....

“That is it, good, good.  There ya go just watch it swing happy and obedient” the deep voice gloated out commands.  The young eyes following left and right with a dumb doll-like gaze.  As the pendulum moved faster so did his stare until his head was bobbing like a lure on top of smooth ocean waves. 

 The man took  a syringe from his leather coat and plunged it into his carotid vein.  Young man’s eyes focused not even a wince as the blood poured down his back.  This  made the man horny while pulling out cock in rush needle fell shattering as he was spraying cum into the tranced eyes.

Blindly this time really in a dream unlike his past confusion this was real.  Eyes open, but no one is home or ever will be again.  After wiping remains in victim’s hair, the man tucks pendulum away in leather coat and places a collar around boy’s neck.  Walking him away like a dog into the shadows.

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