Sagittarius 1943

Born in 1943 a Sagittarius just a few months before vicodin and lortab would be produced in Germany.  While my mom pushed me out of her womb pregnant Jewish women were pushed into ovens.  Father was not home to see my birth for war called just a week before.

Albert From Switzerland

Grew up a military brat moving often.  Oldest of three I was responsible for being ‘man of the house’ at a young age.  Even when dad was home there was very little of him to spread around after the United States army.  Dad loved the work, the uniform and stoic zipped lips.

A stereotype really that put the stamp on all these young alpha manly men, except dad was the original.   Fucking loved his country.   More than hamburgers, us kids, mom, his best friend Albert from Switzerland whom would reveal to my father what would become a top secret life consuming passion.  LSD 

LeatherTattT Dr God by OLB PPPimp (9)

LSD & MK Ultra

Never dosed himself not even accidently as many believed instead observing, collecting samples, but most important.  Information. 

After several experiments in the late 50’s involving LSD being given to a group of failed alcoholic anonymous drunks whom had a 50% success rate which is the only occurrence of such statistic. 

Dad went on to lead several experiments in MK Ultra throughout the 60’s.  The use of mind control drugs was no joke and phenomenal discoveries were made sometimes morals ignored and lives lost.  It all seemed like a sci-fi joke when talk was about these mind tools being used on other countries.

Blindfolded In Sleep

With the hippie revolution emerging around a growing Vietnam war the line of enemy afar and enemy at home grew grey.  Kent State brought that concept to us like the chemical bombs being dropped on babies in Saigon no one was safe.  My dad hated the fact I had grown my hair out joining the marches for peace.

Blindfolded in my sleep and brought to be drugged, tortured and brainwashed by my own father.  Everything since has been to honor his mastermind.  Bought my first ranch in 1970….kidnapped my first in 1972….and by the 1980’s….Dr God ‘DG’

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