Menticide A Synonym For 'Brainwash'

A word that highlighted itself on the page amongst all the other synonyms for ‘brainwash”. Right up in the front next to mind control yet before ‘coercive persuasion’ followed by ‘thought control’, ‘thought reform’, and last ‘thought re-education’.

Step by step of political correctness taken a step further by each newer generation. Much like the evolution of ‘moran’ into ‘idiot’ for the mentally diverse in society. Doctors in 1985 thinking ‘retarded’ was more sensitive of a word than dumdum. Really?


Funky mind control art by OLB PPPimp

Just saying that is a little embarrassing if it were not for the fact we have progressed for the wiser.  And we did this  by ‘menticide’ which sounds a lot nicer as ‘thought re-education. 

The word broken down is ‘mens’ being latin for mind or ‘mentalis’ mental.  The more striking ‘cida’ or killer like  dreadful, yet common words suicide, homicide, pesticide, etc.  Menticide is to kill the mind or thoughts.

Funky far out hypnotic photoshop art of interpersonal also erotic nature by OLB PPPimp

A term coined in 1950 by an anti-communist writer at Miami News.  Before that the Maoist government had a term translated ‘wash brain’ a persuasive method used to change Taoist mindset. There are many other instances of mind persuasions taking place across the continents and ages.  

Mind control has never been confirmed as a science by any government.  This is true, yet the psychology of menticide continues in media and public campaigns.  In fact from the way it reads this concept is one of human nature.  These days following a trend could be the effect caused by someone of enterpenuel mentacidal character

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